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Ein Leben ohne Tätowierungen könnte bald Realität werden: Mit dem geplanten Verbot zweier Pigmente sind 66% aller am Weltmarkt gehandelten Tattoofarben oder Farbmischungen betroffen.

HYDRA Needles

HYDRA Needles

Introducing quality you can see, even without a loupe.

Hydra Premium Tattoo Needles by Eikon are a full line of pre-made tattoo needles developed to suit any task. It’s the range of choice you have been looking for, plus the quality and consistency that will keep you coming back for more.
Developed by Eikon and manufactured to our precise specifications, each Hydra Premium Tattoo Needle is made from medical-grade surgical steel and features needle points that have been precision ground to perfection. Inside each box you will find an evenly pulled, bright solder on every needle. All Hydra Premium Tattoo Needles are carefully inspected prior to packaging to ensure that each needle meets our strict manufacturing standards – this will result in fewer throwaway needles for you.
Hydra Premium Tattoo Needles are available in Standard, Textured and Bugpin - and are being offered in 86 quality configurations for artists to choose from:
    •    Round configurations are manufactured using a specially designed mold to ensure consistent tightness as well as roundness.
    •    Magnum configurations have an evenly spaced needle spread with a smooth solder on both the front and back sides of the needle to reduce friction with the tube tip.
Each individually packaged needle comes with a sterilization indicator and is marked with the lot number and expiry date.
The exclusive Hydra ID Tag system designed by Eikon brings workspace organization to the next level. The identification system allows you to see what’s in the box at glance, including pertinent technical info such as needle diameter, taper and configuration. The Hydra ID Tag is wrapped around two sides of the box for easy visibility whether you store your needles horizontally, or vertically.

Sold in a box of 50 needles
Sterilized with EO Gas
Internal sterilization indicator in each individual blister pack
Package includes lot number and expiration date

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